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Based on the available information, the Public Boat Launch located at latitude 40.43090439 and longitude -77.01313782 in Pennsylvania is a facility that provides access to a body of water for boats and other watercraft. The exact type of boat ramp is not specified, but it can be assumed that it is a standard concrete or asphalt ramp that allows motorized and non-motorized boats to be launched into the water.

The width of the boat ramp is not specified, but it is expected to be wide enough to accommodate a range of boat sizes and types. Typically, boat ramps are at least 20 feet wide, with some being as wide as 50 feet or more.

The body of water that the Public Boat Launch services is also not specified. However, given its location in Pennsylvania, it is likely to be a lake, river, or other natural waterway that is open to boating and fishing.

As for the type of craft permitted on the water, this information is also not specified. However, it can be assumed that the Public Boat Launch allows a range of boats and watercraft, including motorized boats, sailboats, kayaks, canoes, and other non-motorized craft.

To verify the accuracy of this information, it is recommended to contact the local authorities or relevant agency responsible for managing the Public Boat Launch facility in Pennsylvania. This can provide additional information about the type of boats and watercraft permitted, any specific regulations or rules that apply, and other details that may be relevant for boaters and visitors.

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