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North Sterling Reservoir

Black Crappie Blue Catfish Walleye and 1 more species

North Sterling Reservoir is located in northeastern Colorado and offers excellent fishing opportunities for species such as walleye, crappie, catfish, and wipers. The reservoir also has a marina for boat rentals, campgrounds, hiking trails, and hunting opportunities. For the best fishing experience, it is recommended to fish during the spring and fall months when the water is cooler. Average temperatures during these times range from 50-70°F. Fishing tips include using jigs and live bait for the walleye and crappie, and fishing in deeper waters for larger catfish. Get driving directions.

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Fish Species

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Crappies are members of the sunfish and the black bass family.

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This is the largest catfish of the family Ictaluridae, reported to grow to 120 lb. (54 kg).

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The walleye is a wide-ranging, North American species that occurs virtually everywhere on the mainland.

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An excellent food fish and popular sport fish, the wiper’s popularity continues to grow among anglers.