Maine Flow Report

June 13, 2024

Streamflow levels across Maine are currently 81.0% of normal, with the St. John River Below Fish R reporting the highest discharge in the state with 10600cfs and gauge stage of 6.76 ft. Meanwhile, the Aroostook River At Washburn is seeing a spike in streamflows today after experiencing a 59.2% increase since yesterday, and currently running at 1990cfs.

Maximum gauge stage in the state was last observed at the Narraguagus River At Cherryfield, currently reporting a stage of 8.03ft. The Allagash River Near Allagash in the Allagash watershed is surging for this time of year at 2830cfs, about 41.83% of normal.

Surface Flow Characteristics

Maine experiences varied flow conditions due to its unique hydrology and climate characteristics. Major surface flows include the Penobscot, Kennebec, Androscoggin, and Saco Rivers, which are regulated by large reservoirs and dams. The watershed area of each river is affected by snowpack, precipitation, and temperature, resulting in seasonal flow changes. Coastal rivers are influenced by tides and have a freshwater/saltwater interface. Maine's precipitation is relatively high, but its variability poses challenges in water management. Climate change may cause more extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfalls and droughts, affecting water availability and quality. As a result, monitoring and management of Maine's water resources are crucial for sustaining ecology, economy, and public well-being.

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