Great Plains

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June 2 2023

Great Plains

The Great Plains Mountain Range, also known as the Llano Estacado, covers parts of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas. The range has a rich history, with Native American tribes using the area for hunting and trading. Notable peaks in the range include Capulin and Raton in New Mexico, and Pikes Peak in Colorado. The highest peak in the range is Mount Elbert in Colorado, standing at 14,440 feet. The range has significant hydrology, with the Arkansas, Canadian, and Red Rivers all flowing through the area. Interesting facts about the Great Plains Mountain Range include the fact that it is the largest mountain range in the United States that is not a part of the Rocky Mountains and that it was formed by an uplifted plateau that was eroded by wind and water.

Peak Elevation
Devils Tower 5112
Mount Capulin 8182
Mount Scott 2464

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