Saint Elias Mountains

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September 21 2023

Saint Elias Mountains

The Saint Elias Mountains are a majestic mountain range located in Alaska, USA, and Canada. The range is known for its rugged terrain, permanent icefields, and glaciers. The mountains have a rich history, as they were formed over millions of years by tectonic movements and glaciation. The range includes several notable peaks, such as Mount Logan, which is the highest peak in Canada and the second-highest peak in North America. Mount Saint Elias, which sits on the border between Alaska and Canada, is also a significant peak in the range. The range is home to several important rivers, including the Alsek River, which is known for its whitewater rafting opportunities. The range also includes the world's largest non-polar icefield, the Kluane Icefield. Interesting facts about the Saint Elias Mountains include their significance to indigenous cultures, as well as the range's status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Peak Elevation
Mount Fairweather 15300
Mount Bear 14831
Mount Kashagnak 5670
Mount Cook 13766

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