White Mountains

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September 29 2023

White Mountains

The White Mountains are a mountain range located in the northeastern part of the United States, largely in New Hampshire. The range covers approximately a quarter of the state and crosses into western Maine. The White Mountains are known for their natural beauty, rich history, and abundance of hiking trails, ski resorts, and other recreational activities. The highest peak in the range is Mount Washington, which stands at 6,288 feet tall. Other notable peaks include Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, and Mount Lafayette. The range is home to the headwaters of several major rivers, including the Connecticut and the Androscoggin. The region has a rich history, with Native American tribes, early settlers, and loggers all playing significant roles in the area's development. Notable events include the construction of the Mount Washington Cog Railway and the development of the Appalachian Trail, which runs through the range. Today, the White Mountains are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and history buffs alike.

Peak Elevation
Mount Flume 4327
Mt Hale 4055
Bondcliff 4265
Mount Whiteface 4020
Mount Osceola 4315
North Twin Mountain 4761
South Twin 4902
Mount Bond 4698
Mount Carrigain 4700
Mount Monroe 5384
Mt. Jefferson 5716
Mount Pierce 4310
Mount Isolation 4004
Mount Garfield 5519
Mount Eisenhower 4780
Mount Field 4341
Mount Washington 6255
Mount Chocorua 3450

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