California Whitewater



Class IV-V River Run


Hulls Creek is a popular whitewater river run located in California. The ideal streamflow range (cfs) for Hulls Creek ranges between 200 and 500 cfs. The class rating for Hulls Creek is Class IV-V, making it a challenging river for experienced kayakers and rafters. The segment mileage for Hulls Creek is 3.5 miles, starting from the put-in at Frazier Falls to the take-out at the confluence with the North Fork Feather River.

Specific river rapids/obstacles on Hulls Creek include the Entrance Rapid, which is a Class V drop that marks the beginning of the run. Other notable rapids on Hulls Creek include the Wicked Witch, Widowmaker, and Toilet Bowl. The rapids on Hulls Creek require advanced paddling skills and knowledge of proper river safety.

There are specific regulations that apply to Hulls Creek. The area is managed by the Plumas National Forest, and visitors must obtain a permit to access the river. The permit is free and can be obtained from the Forest Service Ranger Station. Additionally, visitors must adhere to Leave No Trace principles and pack out all trash and waste.

In conclusion, Hulls Creek is a challenging whitewater river run in California with a Class IV-V rating and a streamflow range of 200-500 cfs. The segment mileage is 3.5 miles, and there are specific rapids and obstacles that require advanced paddling skills. Regulations include obtaining a permit and adhering to Leave No Trace principles. Get driving directions.
Last Updated 2023-08-30
River Levels 566 cfs (6.04 ft)
Percent of Normal 353%
Reporting Streamgauge MF EEL R NR DOS RIOS CA
Elevation 910 ft.
Watershed Lower Eel

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