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California Paddle Report

Whitewater Conditions

Location State Status Streamflow (cfs) Gage Height (ft)
Chili Bar
California Too Low 560 1
Coloma To Greenwood C To G
California Runnable 560 1
Generation And Giant Gaps Tadpole To Colfax Iowa Hill Road
California Runnable 560 1
Greenwood To Mammoth Bar
California Too Low 560 1
Iron Gate Dam To Happy Camp
California Runnable 1270 3
Royal Gorge Soda Springs To Tadpole Creek
California Too Low 672 7
Sluice Box To Green Riffle
California Runnable 2230 3
Sunrise Avenue To Watt Avenue
California Runnable 1890 8
Tahoe City To River Ranch
California None 564 3
Tunnel Run Ralston Powerhouse To Greenwood
California Too Low 560 1
Yankee Jim Road To Ponderosa Way Shirttail
California Runnable 560 1
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Source: NOAA
Source: NOAA

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