California Whitewater



Class IV River Run

The Bear Creek, North Fork is a popular whitewater river run located in California. The ideal streamflow range for this river is between 400 and 800 cubic feet per second (cfs), which is typically during the spring and early summer months. The class rating for this river is class IV, making it a challenging run that requires advanced paddling skills and experience.

The segment mileage of the Bear Creek, North Fork run is approximately 6 miles, starting at the Bear Creek Diversion Dam and ending at the Highway 168 Bridge. Along this stretch of river, paddlers will encounter a variety of rapids and obstacles, including the infamous ‘Gauntlet’ rapid, which is a steep, technical section that requires precise maneuvering.

In terms of regulations, the use of personal flotation devices (PFDs) is required on all sections of the river. Additionally, the use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited while on the river. Paddlers are also advised to be aware of potential hazards, such as low-hanging branches and boulders.

Overall, the Bear Creek, North Fork run is a thrilling and challenging whitewater experience for experienced paddlers. It is important to always check current streamflow levels and follow all regulations and safety guidelines when embarking on any river run. Get driving directions.
Last Updated 2024-04-25
River Levels 47 cfs (8.9 ft)
Percent of Normal 69%
Reporting Streamgauge MATTOLE R NR ETTERSBURG CA
Elevation 599 ft.
River Mattole-River
Watershed Mattole