Grants Pass To Grave Creek

Just below the city of Grants Pass, OR, the Rogue begins it's Wild and Scenic corridor section.  This is another great multi-day setion of the Rogue with many put in and take out options.  This is also a great stretch for fishing.

Suggested river levels for paddling this section of the Rogue River are between a bare minimum of 700cfs and a high of 3,500cfs. River conditions sourced from USGS 14359000, the Rogue River At Raygold Near Central Point Remember only watercraft are permitted at Grants Pass to Grave Creek.

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Whitewater Rapids

Obstacles on the river run
Vannoy Creek Rifle
Class II-
Applegate Rapids
Class II- to II
Hellgate Entrance Rapid
Class II to II+
Dunn Rapid
Class II to II+
Hellgate Rapid
Class II- to II
Indian Mary Island Rapid
Class II-
Old Man Riffle
Class II
Upper Galice Rapid
Class II

Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Cow Creek Near Riddle
USGS 14310000
547 cfs 2.4 ft
Sucker Cr Bl Lt Grayback Cr Nr Holland
USGS 14375100
394 cfs 2.3 ft
West Fork Ashland Creek Near Ashland
USGS 14353000
8 cfs 1.6 ft
Applegate River Near Copper
USGS 14362000
124 cfs 1.2 ft
Rogue R At Cole M Rivers F Hatchery Nr Mcleod
USGS 14335072
486 cfs 1.4 ft
Elk Creek Nr Drew
USGS 14308500
69 cfs 3.2 ft
Cow Creek Abv Galesville Res
USGS 14308990
75 cfs 1.2 ft
Illinois River Near Kerby
USGS 14377100
1,720 cfs 6.6 ft
Rogue River At Grants Pass
USGS 14361500
2,210 cfs 2.0 ft
South Umpqua River Near Brockway
USGS 14312000
4,160 cfs 7.9 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change