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Oregon Paddle Report

Whitewater Conditions

Location State Status Streamflow (cfs) Difficulty (class)
Bend To Tumalo State Park Riverhouse Run
Oregon Runnable 653 IV to IV+
Benham Falls To Dillon Falls
Oregon Too Low 653 V- to V+
Canyon Run Lower Bridge To Billy Chinook Res
Oregon Too Low 653 IV- to IV+
Cline Falls State Park To Lower Bridge
Oregon Too Low 653 III
Dillon Falls To Mount Bachelor Village (Big Eddy)
Oregon Too Low 653 III to V
Gold Ray Dam To Grants Pass
Oregon Runnable 2980 II+ to IV
Grants Pass To Grave Creek
Oregon Runnable 2980 II to II+
Grave Creek To Foster Bar
Oregon Runnable 3040 III to IV
Hells Canyon Hells Canyon Dam To Pittsburg Landing
Oregon Runnable 22700 III to IV
Lost Creek Lake To Gold Ray Dam
Oregon Runnable 2850 II to II+
Lower Deschutes Sherars Falls To Columbia River
Oregon Runnable 4020 III to III+
Lower Rome To Leslie Gulch
Oregon Runnable 1300 II+ to III+
Miami Bar To Oak Flat
Oregon Runnable 551 IV+ to V
Middle Three Forks To Rome
Oregon Runnable 1300 III to V-
Mill City To Mehama
Oregon Runnable 1270 II- to II
Packsaddle County Park To Mill City
Oregon Runnable 1270 II+ to III+
Pittsburg Landing To Heller Bar
Oregon Runnable 22700 II to III
Tumalo State Park To Cline Falls State Park
Oregon Too Low 653 III- to III+
Warm Springs To Sherars Falls
Oregon Runnable 4020 III to III+
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