Below Ogden Play Park

This is a mellow class II float that begins at the Ogden Kayak Park and continues down under several bridges to the confluence of the Ogden and the Weber Rivers at about 21st street. It could be a good run for a beginner at lower flows, but usually it is run only if you're looking for that lost playboat. At the confluence there can be a distinct difference in the water colors of the Ogden and Weber with squirelly eddy lines and whirlpools. The river turns sharply to the West and continues at a slow pace to a very large diversion structure at 17th Street and 1200 W. Portage river right. Follow the river to the North West a short ways until you reach a river wide low head dam right after the bridge at 1900 West. Portage on either side of the river. The river gets tamer the farther you go, eventually becoming Class I. Below about 2500 West the river becomes a stagnant lake during the summer and fall because a dam is put up around 4600 W. that backs up water for miles.

Suggested river levels for paddling this section of the Weber River are between a bare minimum of 400cfs and a high of 2,000cfs. River conditions sourced from USGS 10137000, the Weber River At Ogden Remember only watercraft are permitted at Below Ogden Play Park.

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Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Snake Creek Near Charleston
USGS 10156000
32 cfs 1.9 ft
Weber River At Ogden
USGS 10137000
97 cfs 3.7 ft
Red Butte Creek At Fort Douglas
USGS 10172200
1 cfs 0.2 ft
Goggin Drain Near Magna Utah
USGS 10172630
7 cfs 8.5 ft
Lost Creek Near Croyden
USGS 10132500
6 cfs 1.2 ft
East Canyon Creek Near Jeremy Ranch
USGS 10133800
7 cfs 4.6 ft
Weber River Near Coalville
USGS 10130500
38 cfs 1.6 ft
Weber River At Echo
USGS 10132000
1 cfs 1.0 ft
Provo River At River Road Bridge
USGS 10155200
190 cfs 0.9 ft
Bear River Near Corinne
USGS 10126000
129 cfs 3.0 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change
Mill-D North
1" 0"
Cascade Mountain
1" 0"
Farmington Lower
1" 0"
Dry Fork
1" 0"
Franklin Basin
2" 0"
Ben Lomond Peak
1" 1"
Rocky Basin-Settleme
4" 1"
1" 0"

Outdoor Recreation

Campground Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Ski Area Snowpack Air Temperature 5 Day Forecast
Cherry Peak -4" 63° 0.15"
Powder Mountain 0" 73° 0"
Snowbasin -1" 75° 0"
River Run Streamflow Length Class
Rainbow Gardens 28.0cfs 3.0 Mi III to IV-
Ogden Narrows 28.0cfs 2.0 Mi III+ to IV
Below Ogden Play Park 97.1cfs 3.0 Mi II
3rd Dam to 2nd Dam 52.5cfs None Mi II+ to III
Lower Ogden 28.0cfs 2.5 Mi III+
Staircase Section - 2nd Dam to 1st Dam 52.5cfs None Mi IV+ to V-
Riverdale Wave 0.53cfs 0.18 Mi III-
Ogden Play Park 97.1cfs 0.06 Mi III-
Mouth of Weber Canyon to Riverdale 0.53cfs 10.0 Mi III
Logan Town Run 52.5cfs None Mi II+ to III-
Scrambled Eggs Bend 70.2cfs 4.0 Mi IV
Park and Ride to Old Mill Catch Pond 52.9cfs 1.25 Mi IV to V