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Whitewater River Run

Wyoming Greys River

Upper Greys (Lynx Creek To Little Greys)

Class II TO IV+


72°, Heavy Rain

The Upper Greys Lynx Creek to Little Greys River run on the Greys River in Wyoming is a challenging but rewarding river trip. The river run difficulty ranges from Class II to Class III rapids, with river obstacles including several narrow sections, tight corners, and occasional logjams. The best time of year to float this section of water is in late spring or early summer when water levels are high enough, typically around 1,000 to 2,000 cfs. This section of the Greys River is best suited for experienced paddlers with solid Class III skills.

Weather today, Scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly between 1pm and 5pm. Some of the storms could produce small hail, gusty winds, and heavy rain. Increasing clouds, with a high near 72. East wind 5 to 9 mph becoming south southwest in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Status Runnable
Class Level II to IV+
Elevation 5,704 ft
Run Length 4.0 Mi
Gradient 40 FPM
Streamflow Discharge 2660 cfs
Gauge Height 4.1 ft
Reporting Streamgage Greys River Ab Reservoir Nr Alpine Wy
USGS 13023000

Nearby Snowpack and Streamflow Levels

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Buffalo Fork Ab Lava Creek Nr Moran Wy
USGS 13011900
2,530 cfs 5.1 ft
Granite C Ab Granite C Supplemental
USGS 13016305
272 cfs 5.4 ft
Gros Ventre River At Zenith Wy
USGS 13015000
1,610 cfs 19.7 ft
Falls River Ab Yellowstone Canal Nr Squirrel Id
USGS 13046995
2,580 cfs 7.7 ft
Pacific Creek At Moran Wy
USGS 13011500
972 cfs 6.7 ft
Gros Ventre River At Kelly Wy
USGS 13014500
2,000 cfs 6.6 ft
Henrys Fork Nr Ashton Id
USGS 13046000
2,120 cfs 3.9 ft
Snake River Ab Jackson Lake At Flagg Ranch Wy
USGS 13010065
4,330 cfs 6.3 ft
Teton River Ab South Leigh Creek Nr Driggs Id
USGS 13052200
1,440 cfs 3.5 ft
Falls River Nr Squirrel Id
USGS 13047500
2,140 cfs 2.8 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change
Madison Plateau
12" -2"
Phillips Bench
5" -4"
Grand Targhee
52" -4"
White Elephant
2" -4"
Indian Creek
17" -2"
Pine Creek Pass
2" 1"
Black Bear
43" -2"
Grassy Lake
10" -6"
Lewis Lake Divide
7" -2"
Salt River Summit
1" 0"
Blind Bull Sum
16" -1"

Popular Destinations

Campground Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Cabin Creek 10 5,850 ft
Gros Ventre - Grand Teton National Park 350 6,572 ft
Allred Flat 32 6,779 ft
East Table Creek 17 5,789 ft
Forest Park 12 6,947 ft
Elbow 7 5,779 ft
Lynx Creek 10 6,195 ft
Curtis Canyon 12 7,049 ft
Alpine 16 5,687 ft
Moose Flat 10 6,415 ft
Murphy Creek 10 6,210 ft
Trail Creek - Victor 11 6,726 ft
Station Creek 15 5,813 ft
Ski Area Snowpack Air Temperature 5 Day Forecast
Pine Creek Ski Area 0" 66° 0"
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort 5" 64° 0"
Snow King Ski Area 5" 64° 0"
Grand Targhee Ski Resort 52" 63° 0"
River Run Streamflow Length Class
Narrows 4690.0cfs 3.6 Mi III- to III+
Alpine Canyon (West Table to Sheep Gulch) 4690.0cfs 8.0 Mi III- to III+
Astoria to West Table 4690.0cfs 9.5 Mi I to II
Palisade Dam to Lorenzo (South Fork) 14000.0cfs 53.0 Mi II
Lower Greys (Squaw Creek to Bridge Campground) 2660.0cfs 2.5 Mi III+ to V-
Upper Greys (Murphy Creek Bridge to Lynx Creek Campground) 2660.0cfs 2.5 Mi II to II+
Granite Creek 1610.0cfs 9.1 Mi II to III
Upper Greys (Lynx Creek to Little Greys) 2660.0cfs 4.0 Mi II to IV+
Upper Greys (Murphy Creek Bridge to Lynx Creek Campground) 2660.0cfs 2.5 Mi II to II+
Cave Falls Run 2140.0cfs 14.0 Mi III to III+

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Upper Greys (Lynx Creek To Little Greys)


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Upper Greys (Lynx Creek To Little Greys)

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