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Wyoming Paddle Report

Whitewater Conditions

Location State Status Streamflow (cfs) Gage Height (ft)
A Section
Wyoming Runnable 1810 2
Alpine Canyon West Table To Sheep Gulch
Wyoming Runnable 6080 11
Astoria To West Table
Wyoming Runnable 6080 11
B Section
Wyoming Runnable 1810 2
C Section
Wyoming Runnable 1810 2
Wyoming None 26 2
Granite Creek
Wyoming Too Low 1570 19
Lower Greys Squaw Creek To Bridge Campground
Wyoming Too Low 1550 3
Main Section
Wyoming Too Low 141 5
Wyoming Too Low 6080 11
Upper Boxelder Canyon
Wyoming Runnable 19 3
Upper Greys Lynx Creek To Little Greys
Wyoming Too Low 1550 3
Upper Greys Murphy Creek Bridge To Lynx Creek Campground
Wyoming Too Low 1550 3
Wedding Of The Waters
Wyoming Too High 4350 8
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