California Points of Interest

Big Pine Area

Camping, fishing, hiking and backpacking draw many visitors to the Big Pine Creek Area every year.  Beautiful First Falls is a short walk from the picnick area. Longer hikes up the north fork trail leads to glacier fed lakes, First through Seventh lakes and great views into the Palisade Glacier Basin.  Overnight stays in the John Muir Wilderness require a wilderness permit.


Points of Interest
Big Pine Area
Hot Creek Geologic Site
Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center
Sierra View Observation Site

Nearby Camping
Location Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Baker Creek 70 4,113 ft
Millpond 60 4,438 ft
Big Pine Triangle Park Numerous 3,968 ft
Bitterbrush 30 6,805 ft
Upper Sage 28 7,487 ft
Four Jeffery 106 8,105 ft
Big Pine 30 7,745 ft
Pleasant Valley Numerous 4,299 ft
Sage Flat 28 7,376 ft
Volcanic Tablelands Dispersed Numerous 4,179 ft
Browns Town Numerous 4,147 ft
Mountain Glen 5 8,532 ft