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Deadman Lookout

The Canyon Lakes Ranger District's "Visitor Center in the Sky!"

On April 1, 1991, the Deadman Lookout Tower was officially recognized on the National Historic Lookout Register as meeting specific standards of historic and cultural significance. It is additionally recognized as the last of eight historic towers in the Front Range of northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. The Deadman Tower has not been permanently staffed since 1970, but the tower is operational and open to the public in the summer thanks to a crew of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers provide information about the tower and other, nearby recreation sites. 

In addition, the tower serves as a radio communications site for the Roosevelt National Forest and for the Larimer County Sheriff's Department. The transceivers are powered by solar panels and batteries. Look for the large photovoltaic arrays and battery house at the base of the tower. The original wood tower was built in 1937-38 by workers in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Many visitors said the tower swayed in heavy winds, just like a tree! The wood tower was dismantled in 1962; one year after the metal tower was erected.The footings for the original wood tower are still visible to the east of the existing metal tower.  Elevation at the site is 10,700 feet. The tower is snowed in for much of the year and typically opens in early July. Picnic tables are available for use.


Points of Interest
Deadman Lookout

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