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The Quilt Discovery Walk is a fascinating point of interest located in Nebraska's Homestead National Monument of America. This outdoor exhibit showcases a unique collection of quilt patterns that represent the diverse cultures and communities that settled in the Great Plains region.

Visitors to the Quilt Discovery Walk will be able to see over a dozen different quilt patterns, each with its own story and history. The patterns include designs inspired by Native American traditions and those brought over by European settlers.

One of the most unique aspects of the Quilt Discovery Walk is that visitors are encouraged to touch and interact with the quilts. The exhibit is designed to be a sensory experience, with visitors able to feel the texture of the fabrics and appreciate the intricate details of the patterns up close.

The Quilt Discovery Walk is a great attraction for anyone interested in history, textiles, or art. It offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Great Plains region and the important role that quilting has played in the lives of its residents.

Overall, the Quilt Discovery Walk is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Homestead National Monument of America. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or simply looking for a unique and educational experience, this exhibit is sure to delight and inspire.

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* WHAT...For the Heat Advisory, heat index values up to 108 expected. For the Excessive Heat Warning, dangerously hot conditions with heat index values up to 112 expected. * WHERE...Gage, Johnson, Nemaha, Pawnee, and Richardson Counties. * WHEN...For the Heat Advisory, from 1 PM this afternoon to 8 PM CDT this evening. For the Excessive Heat Warning, from noon Sunday to 8 PM CDT Monday. * IMPACTS...Heat related illnesses increase significantly during extreme heat and high humidity events.

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