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Black Rock Springs - Point of Interest

Black Rock Springs is a point of interest located in the Lower Quinn watershed of Nevada, situated around 12 miles northwest of Gerlach. It is a natural hot spring that is fed by geothermal waters and surrounded by a unique landscape of sagebrush and boulders. Visitors are attracted to this location for its picturesque views, the refreshing hot springs, and the unique natural surroundings. The hot springs are located in a small canyon and consist of several pools that vary in temperature. The area is accessible by a dirt road that requires a high-clearance vehicle and a short hike to reach the springs. Visitors can camp at the site, but facilities are limited and primitive.

One of the main reasons to visit Black Rock Springs is to soak in the natural hot springs and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The site offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the region and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can also explore the surrounding area and go on hikes to explore the diverse landscape. Additionally, the site is popular among photographers for its unique rock formations and scenic vistas. Overall, Black Rock Springs is a must-visit location for those seeking a natural and peaceful retreat in the heart of Nevada. Get driving directions.

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Black Rock Point - Point of Interest
Black Rock Springs - Point of Interest
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