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Corduroy Ridge

Corduroy Ridge is a unique landscape formation located in the Ivanpah-Pahrump Valleys watershed of Nevada. It is a ridge that runs parallel to the eastern edge of the valley floor and rises up to 100 feet above the surrounding terrain. The ridge is made up of alternating layers of sand, silt, and gravel, creating a texture that resembles corduroy fabric, hence its name. The formation was created by ancient river channels that deposited sediment in the area millions of years ago. Today, the area is a popular destination for tourists and hikers who come to explore the unique geology of the region.

There are several reasons to visit Corduroy Ridge, including its unique geological features, stunning views of the surrounding valleys, and diverse flora and fauna. The area is home to a variety of desert plants and animals, including Joshua trees, yucca, roadrunners, and coyotes. Hiking trails and scenic overlooks allow visitors to explore the area and take in the beautiful landscape. Additionally, the ridge is located near several other popular attractions, including the Mojave National Preserve and the Las Vegas Strip, making it a convenient stop for travelers in the area. Overall, Corduroy Ridge is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the natural beauty and unique geology of the American Southwest. Get driving directions.

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Corduroy Ridge
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