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South Carolina Points of Interest

Scenic Overlooks Cultural Sites Roadtrip Hotspots

South Carolina Points of Interest

Embark on a road trip through South Carolina and you'll be greeted with a plethora of must-see destinations that showcase the rich history and culture of the Palmetto State. Start your journey at the iconic Fort Sumter National Monument in Charleston, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Explore the historic site and learn about the events that shaped American history. Make sure to also visit the stunning Angel Oak Tree on Johns Island, estimated to be over 400 years old and standing at an impressive 65 feet tall. This natural wonder is a sight to behold and a must-see for nature lovers.

Continue your road trip to the breathtaking Blue Ridge Parkway, where you'll encounter stunning overlooks and scenic vistas along the way. Stop at Caesar's Head State Park for panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and take a hike to Raven Cliff Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in South Carolina. Immerse yourself in the rich Gullah culture of the Lowcountry by visiting the Penn Center on St. Helena Island, a historic site that served as one of the country's first schools for freed slaves. Explore the exhibits and learn about the unique heritage and traditions of the Gullah people. With a variety of destinations to choose from, a road trip through South Carolina is sure to be a memorable and enriching experience for all travelers.

Location State Elevation
Fall Creek Falls
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Fort Moultrie Visitor Center
South-Carolina 10 ft
Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center
South-Carolina 66 ft
Harry Hampton Visitor Center
South-Carolina 115 ft
Jail Site
South-Carolina 378 ft
Kings Mountain National Military Park
South-Carolina 446 ft
Opossum Creek Falls
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Riley Moore Falls
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Snee Farm Barn
South-Carolina 10 ft
Snee Farm Corn Crib
South-Carolina 10 ft
Snee Farm House
South-Carolina 10 ft
Spoonauger Falls
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Station Cove Falls
South-Carolina 1165 ft
Yellow Branch Falls
South-Carolina 1165 ft

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