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California Upper Cache Watershed

Clear Lk A Lakeport Ca

June 9 2023

6 ft

-0.3% today
136% of Normal High

Water gage height, ft levels at Clear Lk A Lakeport Ca are currently 6 ft, about 136% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 4.91ft.

Maximum recorded Gage height, ft since record keeping began in 2007 was 2017-02-23 when levels reached 10.59 ft. Lowest recorded Gage height, ft was 2014-08-28 when levels receded to 0.01 ft.

Clear Lake is a natural freshwater lake situated in Lake County, California. It is the largest natural lake in the state, covering an area of 68 square miles. The lake has a rich history and was known as "Lypoyomi" by the Pomo Native Americans who lived in the area. The hydrology of the lake is unique, with no visible outflow and a high level of evaporation. The surface flow of the lake is provided by Cache Creek, while the snowpack from surrounding mountains contributes to its water level. The lake is also used for agricultural purposes, with vineyards and orchards surrounding its shores. Recreation activities on the lake include fishing, boating, and water sports. However, in recent years, the lake has been affected by toxic algae blooms, which have impacted its recreational and agricultural uses.

Geolocation -122.912, 39.040
Elevation 1,323.57 ft
Gage Height, Ft 24hr Change -0.3%
Percent of Normal 136%
Minimum 0.01 ft
Maximum 10.59 ft
Average 5 ft
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Clear Lk A Lakeport Ca


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Clear Lk A Lakeport Ca

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