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Leviathan Mine Pond 4 is a former mining site located near Markleeville, California. The site was used for mining operations during the 1950s and 1960s, and has since become a Superfund site due to the presence of hazardous waste. Hydrologically, the site is located in the East Fork Carson River watershed and is fed by surface water runoff and snowpack melt. The area is known for its high snowpack levels, which provide water for irrigation and recreational activities. However, due to the presence of hazardous waste, the water in Leviathan Mine Pond 4 is not safe for agricultural or recreational use. The site is currently undergoing remediation efforts to mitigate the environmental damage caused by mining operations.

July 19, 2024







Gage Height, Ft 24hr Change 2.33%
Percent of Normal 99%
Minimum 3.33 ft
Maximum 7.64 ft
Average 5 ft

Regional Streamflow


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second

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