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California San Diego Watershed

Sutherland Reservoir

June 6 2023

22,418 acre-ft

None% today
None% of Normal Very Low

Water storage levels at Sutherland Reservoir are currently 22,418 acre-ft, about None% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately Noneacre-ft.

Maximum recorded Storage since record keeping began in 2021 was 2023-05-15 when levels reached 22,418 acre-ft. Lowest recorded Storage was 2022-11-28 when levels receded to 2,873 acre-ft.

Sutherland Reservoir is located in San Diego County, California, and was built in 1954 by the City of San Diego. The reservoir covers an area of 556 acres and has a storage capacity of 29,508 acre-feet. It is fed by several creeks and small streams that flow into the reservoir, including the San Luis Rey River. The reservoir is primarily used for drinking water and irrigation purposes, and it also serves as a popular recreational spot for fishing, boating, and camping. The water in the reservoir is sourced from both surface flow and snowpack providers, including the San Luis Rey River watershed and local mountain ranges. The reservoir is an important source of water for the surrounding agricultural communities and also provides a valuable habitat for various fish species.

Geolocation -116.787, 33.118
Elevation 2,074 ft
Storage 24hr Change None%
Percent of Normal None%
Minimum 2,873 acre-ft
Maximum 22,418 acre-ft
Average acre-ft


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Sutherland Reservoir


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Sutherland Reservoir

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