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Vail Lake is a reservoir located in southern California, United States. The lake was created in 1948 after the construction of the Vail Lake Dam on Temecula Creek. Vail Lake is primarily fed by Temecula Creek, which is a tributary of Santa Margarita River. The lake is an important source of water for the surrounding agricultural lands and serves as a recreational destination. Its hydrology is affected by the surface flow from Temecula Creek and by snowpack from the nearby mountains. The lake is surrounded by a variety of recreational facilities, including camping areas, picnic sites, and hiking trails. Water-based activities, such as fishing, boating, and swimming, are also popular among visitors. The lake also plays a significant role in supporting the local agricultural industry by providing irrigation water.

June 15, 2024







Storage 24hr Change -0.14%
Percent of Normal 127%
Minimum 7,686 acre-ft
Maximum 17,182 acre-ft
Average 12,878 acre-ft
Nid_Height 152
Hydraulic_Height 139.4
Drainage_Area 318.4
Year_Completed 1949
Dam_Height 152
Primary_Dam_Type Arch
Surface_Area 1078
Hazard_Potential High
Nid_Storage 51000
River_Or_Stream Temecula Creek
Dam_Length 788

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