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Mount Elbert Forebay is a reservoir located in Lake County, Colorado. The reservoir was constructed by the City of Colorado Springs as a part of their water supply system. The forebay receives water from the Mount Elbert Power Plant, which is operated by Colorado Springs Utilities. The power plant diverts water from the South Fork of Lake Creek and the East Fork of Lake Creek. The reservoir is used to regulate the flow of water and to provide storage for hydroelectric power generation. The Mount Elbert Forebay is also used for recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and camping. The surrounding area is also used for agricultural purposes, with many ranches and farms located nearby. The reservoir is also an important source of water for wildlife, including elk, deer, and many species of birds.

June 22, 2024







Storage 24hr Change 0.21%
Percent of Normal 103%
Minimum 3,845.34 acre-ft
Maximum 11,085.08 acre-ft
Average 8,238 acre-ft

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