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Missouri Sac Watershed

Stockton Lake Near Stockton

June 6 2023

869 ft

-0.01% today
100% of Normal Normal

Water lake or reservoir water surface elevation above ngvd 1929, ft levels at Stockton Lake Near Stockton are currently 869 ft, about 100% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 872.54ft.

Maximum recorded Lake or reservoir water surface elevation above NGVD 1929, ft since record keeping began in 2007 was 2019-06-01 when levels reached 885.25 ft. Lowest recorded Lake or reservoir water surface elevation above NGVD 1929, ft was 2013-02-12 when levels receded to 859.76 ft.

Stockton Lake is a reservoir located near Stockton, MO in Missouri. It was created in 1969 by the construction of a dam on the Sac River. The lake is fed by several creeks and streams, including Cedar Creek and Bear Creek, and is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The lake has a surface area of 24,900 acres and a maximum depth of 104 feet. The lake is used for a variety of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and camping. The lake also serves as a source of water for nearby agricultural operations. The area around the lake is known for its rolling hills and natural beauty, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Geolocation -93.769, 37.694
Elevation 869.2 ft
Lake Or Reservoir Water Surface Elevation Above Ngvd 1929, Ft 24hr Change -0.01%
Percent of Normal 100%
Minimum 859.76 ft
Maximum 885.25 ft
Average 873 ft


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Stockton Lake Near Stockton


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Stockton Lake Near Stockton

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