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Nevada West Walker Watershed

Topaz Lk Nr Topaz

June 7 2023

89 ft

+0.49% today
97% of Normal Normal

Water elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, ft levels at Topaz Lk Nr Topaz are currently 89 ft, about 97% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 92.74ft.

Maximum recorded Elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, ft since record keeping began in 2007 was 2022-12-03 when levels reached 119.72 ft. Lowest recorded Elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, ft was 2014-10-27 when levels receded to 73.74 ft.

Topaz Lake is a reservoir located in Douglas County, Nevada, close to the California border. The lake was created in 1922 with the construction of the Topaz Lake Dam. The area is known for its natural beauty and offers a range of recreational activities, including fishing, boating, camping, and hiking. The lake's hydrology is primarily supplied by the West Walker River, East Walker River, and other mountain streams. The lake's water level is affected by snowpack, which is provided by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The area is also used for agricultural purposes, including hay and cattle ranching. Despite being a popular recreational area, Topaz Lake was also historically significant as it was used as a trading hub for Native Americans and early settlers.

Geolocation -119.519, 38.691
Elevation 4,900 ft
Elevation Of Reservoir Water Surface Above Datum, Ft 24hr Change 0.49%
Percent of Normal 97%
Minimum 73.74 ft
Maximum 119.72 ft
Average 93 ft


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Topaz Lk Nr Topaz


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Topaz Lk Nr Topaz

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