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Belle Fourche Reservoir is located near Belle Fourche, South Dakota. It was constructed in the 1950s to provide water for irrigation in the surrounding area. The reservoir has a capacity of 73,500 acre-feet and is fed by several tributaries including Redwater River and Hay Creek. The hydrology of the reservoir is influenced by the snowpack from the surrounding Black Hills and the precipitation patterns in the region. The reservoir provides water for irrigation and is also used for recreational purposes such as fishing, boating, and camping. The Belle Fourche Reservoir is managed by the Belle Fourche Irrigation District and is an important source of water for agricultural and recreational activities in the region.

June 15, 2024







Lake Or Reservoir Water Surface Elevation Above Ngvd 1929, Ft 24hr Change -0.16%
Percent of Normal 100%
Minimum 58.47 ft
Maximum 74.78 ft
Average 74 ft
Dam_Height 122
Hydraulic_Height 97
Drainage_Area 170
Year_Completed 1911
Nid_Storage 278216
Structural_Height 122
Surface_Area 9861
Hazard_Potential High
River_Or_Stream OWL CREEK
Dam_Length 6262
Primary_Dam_Type Earth
Nid_Height 122

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