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Texas Middle Brazos-Lake Whitney Watershed

Whitney Lk Nr Whitney

June 2 2023

528 ft

0% today
100% of Normal Normal

Water lake or reservoir water surface elevation above ngvd 1929, ft levels at Whitney Lk Nr Whitney are currently 528 ft, about 100% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 532.21ft.

Maximum recorded Lake or reservoir water surface elevation above NGVD 1929, ft since record keeping began in 2007 was 2016-06-09 when levels reached 561.3 ft. Lowest recorded Lake or reservoir water surface elevation above NGVD 1929, ft was 2011-12-03 when levels receded to 516.71 ft.

Whitney Lake, located in Whitney, Texas, is a man-made lake created in 1951 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for flood control, water supply, and recreation. The lake's hydrology is primarily influenced by the Brazos River and has a surface area of over 23,500 acres. Whitney Lake provides water supply for irrigation and livestock, as well as recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and camping. The lake's watershed area includes significant agricultural land, and the reservoir's water is used for irrigation by farmers within the region. Whitney Lake also receives significant snowpack from the surrounding areas, which contributes to the lake's water supply. The lake plays an essential role in the economy and recreation of the surrounding communities.

Geolocation -97.372, 31.867
Elevation 521.52 ft
Lake Or Reservoir Water Surface Elevation Above Ngvd 1929, Ft 24hr Change 0%
Percent of Normal 100%
Minimum 516.71 ft
Maximum 561.3 ft
Average 532 ft


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Whitney Lk Nr Whitney


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Whitney Lk Nr Whitney

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