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Lake Chelan At Chelan

June 2 2023

1,098 ft

0% today
100% of Normal Normal

Water elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, ft levels at Lake Chelan At Chelan are currently 1,098 ft, about 100% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 1,095.22ft.

Maximum recorded Elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, ft since record keeping began in 2007 was 2012-07-27 when levels reached 1,100.04 ft. Lowest recorded Elevation of reservoir water surface above datum, ft was 2008-03-14 when levels receded to 1,082.68 ft.

Lake Chelan is a natural lake located in Chelan, Washington, and is approximately 50.5 miles long. The lake was formed over 10,000 years ago by a glacier and has a maximum depth of 1,486 feet. Lake Chelan is fed by several streams, including the Stehekin River, and is the main source of water for the surrounding area. The lake's hydrology is unique, as it is considered a closed basin, meaning it has no outlet to the sea. The lake's surface flow is regulated by the Chelan River Dam, which produces hydroelectric power. Snowpack providers for the lake are the North Cascades and the Chelan Mountains. The lake supports agricultural activities, including fruit orchards and vineyards. Recreation activities, such as boating, swimming, and fishing, are also popular in the area.

Geolocation -120.013, 47.835
Elevation 1,100 ft
Elevation Of Reservoir Water Surface Above Datum, Ft 24hr Change 0%
Percent of Normal 100%
Minimum 1,082.68 ft
Maximum 1,100.04 ft
Average 1,095 ft
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Lake Chelan At Chelan

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