Snowpack Density

Snowpack vs Snow Water Equivalent
Wet, heavy snowfall generally consists of atleast 12.5% water content or higher for every foot of snow. Lighter, drier snow might contain up to 1.0 inch of water for every foot of snow; up to 8.3% water.

Ski Area Summary

Powderhouse Hill

Located in South Berwick, Maine, Powderhouse Hill ski resort is a small, family-friendly area with six trails and two lifts. The best trails for intermediate and advanced skiers are the Black Diamond and Blue Square runs, which offer challenging terrain and steep drops. An interesting fact is that Powderhouse Hill was originally built in the 1930s as a Works Progress Administration project during the Great Depression. For beginners, the easiest trail is the Green Circle run, which is perfect for those just starting out. After a long day on the slopes, visitors should head to the nearby Black Birch Vineyard for some delicious wine and stunning views.

Terrain Overview

The Powderhouse Hill Ski Resort in Maine is located in the town of South Berwick and is a small, community-run ski area with one main ski slope. The mountain ranges and aspects surrounding the resort include:

1. The resort is situated in the southern part of Maine, near the border with New Hampshire, in the coastal plain region of the state.

2. The ski slope at Powderhouse Hill faces north, which can help preserve snow conditions and provide good skiing conditions throughout the season.

3. The resort is surrounded by rolling hills and forests typical of the New England landscape, with views of the nearby Salmon Falls River.

4. Nearby mountain ranges include the White Mountains in New Hampshire, which are about an hour's drive away, offering more extensive skiing and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Overall, Powderhouse Hill offers a small, family-friendly ski experience with a focus on community involvement and accessibility for all ages and skill levels.


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Powderhouse Hill


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Powderhouse Hill

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