Mississippi Snow Report

June 15 2024
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Mississippi SNOW REPORT

June 15 2024




Mississippi, located in the southeastern United States, experiences limited snowfall due to its mild winter climate. Snow is mainly confined to the northern part of the state, specifically in the Appalachian foothills. The highest peak in Mississippi, Woodall Mountain, reaches just over 800 feet, making snow cover rare and short-lived. Snowfall typically occurs during brief cold spells, with the months of December and January being the most favorable for snowfall. The snowpack in Mississippi quickly melts due to the state's relatively warm temperatures.

The watersheds and runoff rivers impacted by snowmelt in Mississippi are primarily located in the northern region, including the Tombigbee and Pascagoula River watersheds. However, these snowmelt contributions are minimal compared to overall river flow.

Historical records indicate that significant snow events in Mississippi are relatively uncommon. Nevertheless, occasional snowfalls bring excitement to the state's residents, with snow-covered landscapes providing picturesque scenes. It is important to note that the summary provided is based on available information and may vary slightly depending on sources.

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