Rhode Island Snow Report

June 15 2024
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Rhode Island SNOW REPORT

June 15 2024




Rhode Island, being relatively small in size, does not have any significant mountain ranges that provide snow for the state. However, during winter, the northern parts of the state, particularly in Providence County, experience cold temperatures and occasional snowfall. The most prominent snowfall usually occurs from December to February. The snowpack in Rhode Island is typically shallow and does not accumulate to significant depths due to the state's coastal location and relatively mild winter climate.

As for runoff rivers and watersheds, the Blackstone River Basin is a significant watershed that covers parts of Rhode Island. Snowmelt from the surrounding areas contributes to the water levels in this basin and its tributaries.

Interestingly, Rhode Island has a unique snowfall record. On March 31, 1997, the town of Chepachet recorded a late-season snowstorm with 26.8 inches of snow, setting the state's all-time snowfall record for a single storm.

Overall, while Rhode Island does experience some winter snowfall, it does not have any prominent mountain ranges or extensive snowpack conditions.

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