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AHRA - Parkdale Rec Site

After researching the AHRA - Parkdale Rec Site boat ramp in Colorado, it is found that it is a concrete boat ramp that is about 15 feet wide. This boat ramp services the Arkansas River, a popular destination for recreational activities like fishing, kayaking, and rafting. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife website states that all types of non-motorized watercraft are allowed on the Arkansas River, including kayaks, canoes, and rafts.

Additionally, the website mentions that there are specific regulations and safety guidelines that must be followed when using the Arkansas River, such as wearing proper flotation devices and following the designated boat routes. The website also provides information on current water conditions and any closures or restrictions that may be in place.

Overall, the AHRA - Parkdale Rec Site boat ramp appears to be a safe and reliable entry point for recreational activities on the Arkansas River in Colorado. Get driving directions.

Streamgauge Streamflow
Clear Creek Abv West Fork Clear Creek Nr Empire Co
USGS 06715000
14 cfs
North Clear Creek Above Mouth Nr Blackhawk
USGS 06718550
2 cfs
South Platte River At Denver
USGS 06714000
152 cfs
Clear Creek Near Lawson
USGS 06716500
24 cfs
West Fork Clear Creek Abv Mouth Nr Empire
USGS 06716100
10 cfs
Clear Creek At Golden
USGS 06719505
38 cfs
Fall River Near Idaho Springs
USGS 06717000
-999 cfs

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