California Camping Areas

Moraine - Kings Canyon National Park

Moraine campground, located in Kings Canyon National Park, is a fantastic camping destination in California. The campground offers various amenities to ensure a comfortable camping experience. There are 120 campsites available, equipped with picnic tables, fire rings, and access to drinking water. Restroom facilities with flush toilets and potable water are also provided.

Reservations are accepted at Moraine campground, allowing campers to secure their preferred site in advance. It is highly recommended to make reservations, especially during the peak season, as the campground tends to fill up quickly. The best time to visit Moraine campground is during the summer months, from June to September, when the weather is mild and the park offers a plethora of outdoor activities.

Visitors to Moraine campground can explore the stunning natural beauty of Kings Canyon National Park. The campground is conveniently located near the Kings Canyon Visitor Center, where you can gather information, get maps, and learn about the park's trails and attractions. Hiking enthusiasts can embark on various trails, such as the Mist Falls Trail, which offers breathtaking views of waterfalls and lush forests. It is important to be cautious of wildlife in the camping area, particularly bears, and adhere to proper food storage guidelines to avoid any encounters.

Overall, Moraine campground in Kings Canyon National Park provides a wonderful camping experience with its amenities, reservation system, and scenic surroundings. Remember to plan ahead, respect the wildlife, and enjoy the beauty of this remarkable camping area. Get driving directions.


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