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Crystal Point Fishing Access

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Crystal Point Fishing Access is situated in Nevada, USA, and offers an excellent opportunity for fishing enthusiasts. The area is home to several species of fish, including catfish, black bass, and crappie. Additionally, the fishing area is near several other activities, including hiking, camping, and boating.

For those looking to fish in the area, it's essential to plan ahead. Some fishing tips include bringing the right gear, such as bait, fishing rods, and other fishing accessories. Additionally, it's important to check the weather forecast and water conditions before heading out.

The best time of year to visit Crystal Point Fishing Access is during the spring and fall. During this time, temperatures range from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal weather for fishing and other outdoor activities.

In summary, Crystal Point Fishing Access is a great destination for fishing enthusiasts. With a variety of fish species, nearby activities, and ideal weather conditions, it's the perfect place to spend a day or weekend fishing. Get driving directions.

Weather Outlook

Fish Species

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Crappies are members of the sunfish and the black bass family.

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This is the largest catfish of the family Ictaluridae, reported to grow to 120 lb. (54 kg).

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The kelp bass, a member of a large group of seabasses, which inhabit the eastern Pacific, is a robust fish ...

Boat Launches

Access Ramp
Pocket Road 7656, Sacramento
Natomas Park Drive, Sacramento
River Trail El Dorado County
Loafer Creek Road, Oroville
Monument Hill Road, Oroville
Lucerne Harbor Park
Iowa Hill Road Placer County
Garden Highway 10000, Sacramento
Second Street 209, Yuba City
Clear Creek Road 17501-17987, Redding
Plumas County
Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, California
Lost Cove Boat Ramp
Main Street 98, Red Bluff
Sycamore Campground Boat Launch
Red Bluff Recreation Area, Red Bluff
Oroville-Quincy Road 17000-17046, Meadow Valley
Keswick Boat Ramp
Lake Redding Boat Ramp
South Bonnyview Boat Launch
Oak Hill Road 7935, Pilot Hill
Old River Road 19091, West Sacramento
Park Road, Granite Bay
Green Valley Road 661, El Dorado Hills
Pennsylvania Avenue 3885, Fair Oaks
Ball Park Avenue 14775, Clearlake
River Bluff Drive 39, Oroville
3rd Street 20, Lakeport
Garmire Road 6736-6876, Meridian
Potters Ravine, Oroville
Lake Spaulding Road 10260, Nevada City
Garden Highway 5020, Yuba City
County Road 136 179-199, West Sacramento
Highway 45, Knights Landing
Bidwell Canyon Trail, Oroville
Salmon Lake Road 1500, Sierra City
Sardine Lake Road 990, Sierra City
Henness Pass Road, Sierraville
Plumas County
Peninsula Road, Strawberry Valley
Oaks Nature Trail El Dorado County
Watt Avenue, Sacramento
Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, Gold River
Harrington Way 950, Carmichael
Butte County
Smokey Lane 44-50, Alleghany
Willow Creek Boat Ramp
Biggs-Willows Road 1947, Princeton
Pennington Road 1100, Live Oak
Lake Natoma Northern Boat Ramp
Mosquito Ridge Rd, California
Island Drive Lake County
Lake County
Knoxville Road 1601, Napa County
Chaparral Cove Napa County
Rattlesnake Road Placer County
Yuba County
Rossmoor Drive Rancho Cordova
Walker Ridge Road Lake County
Auditorium Drive Redding
Butte County
Butte County
Larkin Road Oroville
Butte County
Levee Road Yuba County
Park Marina Drive 2515, Redding
Park Marina Drive 2525, Redding
Ice House Road El Dorado County
Dry Lakes Trail El Dorado County
Meadow Lake Road Nevada County
Woodcamp Access Road Nevada County
Rock Creek Road El Dorado County
Forebay Road El Dorado County
Poho Ridge El Dorado County
Junction Boat Ramp Road El Dorado County
Amador County
Fuller Lake Boating Site
Jelly's Ferry
Oxbow Raft Put-In Site
Salmon Lake -Boat Ramp Boating Site