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Mount Adams is a prominent peak in the Pacific Ranges mountain range, part of the Cascade Range in Washington State, United States. Rising to an impressive elevation of 12,281 feet (3,743 meters), it is the second-highest summit in the state. With a base circumference of approximately 35 miles (56 kilometers), Mount Adams boasts a large size and can be seen from a great distance.

During the winter season, Mount Adams receives heavy snowfall, contributing to its impressive snowpack range. Snow conditions on the mountain vary annually, with an average snow depth ranging from 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters) in the winter months. This abundant snowpack makes Mount Adams a popular destination for backcountry skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

The mountain's glaciers and snowmelt feed several creeks and rivers in the surrounding area. The most notable among these is the Adams River, which flows from the southwestern slopes of Mount Adams. This river, along with other smaller creeks, provides a vital water source for the local ecosystem and nearby communities.

Named after President John Adams, Mount Adams has a rich history and is considered a sacred site by Native American tribes in the region. Legends and lore surrounding the mountain speak of a powerful deity residing on its summit, bestowing blessings and guidance upon those who venture there. These tales add to the mountain's mystique and allure, attracting climbers and adventurers from far and wide.

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Adams Fork 31 2,615 ft
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Council Lake 9 4,371 ft
Takhlakh Lake 54 4,459 ft
Cat Creek 5 2,728 ft
Chain - Of - Lakes 7 4,400 ft
Horseshoe Lake 11 4,177 ft
Walupt Lake 64 4,009 ft
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