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Boundary Peak is located in the Intermountain West mountain range and stands as the highest point in the state of Nevada. With an impressive elevation of 13,147 feet (4,007 meters), this peak offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The mountain is part of the White Mountains range, which stretches across California and Nevada.

During the winter season, Boundary Peak experiences a varying snowpack range, which is influenced by the region's climate. Snowfall can occur from November to April, with the peak accumulation typically observed in January and February. Snowpack depths can reach several feet, providing an excellent opportunity for winter mountaineering and backcountry skiing.

Boundary Peak's snowmelt feeds into several creeks and rivers in the area. One notable example is the East Fork of the Walker River, which originates from the eastern slopes of the mountain. This river is an essential water source for local ecosystems and communities downstream.

The name "Boundary Peak" refers to its location along the Nevada-California border. This summit was named in 1895 when the states were surveying and establishing the border between them. Interestingly, Boundary Peak was once mistakenly thought to be the highest point in Nevada until Wheeler Peak's true elevation was determined. Nevertheless, Boundary Peak remains a popular destination for mountaineers, offering both a challenging ascent and a unique connection to the history and geography of the region.

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