Intermountain West

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June 5 2023

Intermountain West

The Intermountain West Mountain Range is a vast region of mountains and plateaus that spans across the western United States, stretching from the Rocky Mountains in Montana down to the Sierra Nevada in California. The region has a rich history, with Native American tribes inhabiting the area for thousands of years before European settlers arrived in the 19th century. Some of the most notable peaks in the Intermountain West include Mount Elbert in Colorado, the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, and Mount Whitney in California, the highest peak in the contiguous United States. The region also boasts significant hydrology, with major rivers such as the Colorado, Snake, and Yellowstone flowing through the area. Interesting facts about the Intermountain West include the fact that the region is home to several national parks, including Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Zion. Additionally, the region is known for its diverse wildlife, including grizzly bears, elk, and bighorn sheep. The Intermountain West is also a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with opportunities for hiking, skiing, and other recreational activities.

Peak Elevation
Mount Spokane 5883
Signal Peak 9001
Sandia 10678
Sacramento Peak 9255
One Tree Peak 7089
Beautiful Mountain 9388
Sierra Blanca 12003
Mount Charleston 11918
Pilot Peak 7088
Boundary Peak 13143
Wheeler Peak 13161
White Mountain Peak 14246
Telescope Peak 11049
Eagle Cap 9595
Canyon Mountain 7999
Fields Peak 7362
Red Mountain 5890
Matterhorn 9826
Drake Peak 8407
Sacajawea Peak 9838
China Cap 8656
Strawberry Mountain 9038
Steens Mountain 9733
Walker Mountain 7080
Mount Fanny 7136
Crane Mountain 3254
Ironside Mountain 7811
Table Rock 3890
Meadow Mountain 7825
Vinegar Hill 8131
Yainax Butte 7211
Hart Mountain 7724
Petes Point 9675
Cougar Peak 7894
Star Mountain 5500
Beatys Butte 7918
Gearhart Mountain 8364
Warner Peak 8017
Bush Mountain 8361
Lost Mine Peak 7535
Emory Peak 7825
Hunter Peak 13497
Peak 7480 7480
Shumard Peak 8615
Guadalupe Peak 8749
El Capitan 7569
Lost Peak 7830
Mount Bigelow 8550
Doyle Peak 11460
O'Leary Peak 8938
Baboquivari Peak 7730
Humphreys Peak 12633
Fremont Peak 13745
Four Peaks 7657
Kendrick Peak 10418
Agassiz Peak 12356
Agathla Peak 7100
Ibapah 12101
Mount Peale 12721
The Titan 6260
The Watchman 6545
Great White Throne 6744
Checkerboard Mesa 6680
West Temple 7810
Sunrise Peak 11275
Angels Landing 5790
Santa-Clara 4806
East Temple 7709
Hardscrabble Peak 9575
Saddle Peak 9162

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