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Fields Peak is a prominent mountain in the Intermountain West mountain range. It stands at an impressive elevation, reaching a height of approximately 7,695 feet. Despite its moderate size, Fields Peak offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

During the winter season, Fields Peak experiences a significant snowpack, which ranges from 80 to 120 inches. This makes it a popular destination for winter mountaineering and backcountry skiing enthusiasts. The deep snow cover provides ample opportunities for thrilling descents and exciting winter adventures.

Several creeks and rivers receive runoff from Fields Peak, contributing to the region's water resources. The mountain's meltwater feeds into nearby streams, including the scenic Malheur River and its tributaries. The abundance of clean, fresh water originating from Fields Peak supports a diverse ecosystem and provides precious resources for local wildlife.

The name "Fields Peak" is believed to have been derived from early settlers in the region. It is named after the Fields family, who were early pioneers in this part of the Intermountain West. While no specific legends or folklore are associated with Fields Peak, its rich history and stunning natural beauty continue to attract outdoor enthusiasts seeking a memorable mountaineering experience.

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