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Steens Mountain is an impressive peak located in the Intermountain West mountain range. With an elevation of over 9,000 feet, it offers breathtaking views and challenging terrain for mountaineers. This magnificent mountain spans approximately 50 miles in length and encompasses an area of about 170,000 acres, making it an expansive and diverse landscape to explore.

During the winter season, Steens Mountain receives a significant amount of snowpack. Snowfall can range from 9 to 15 feet, creating ideal conditions for winter sports enthusiasts. The snowpack on the mountain provides ample opportunities for activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.

The mountain is also a source of several creeks and rivers that receive runoff from its slopes. The Donner und Blitzen River, which translates to "thunder and lightning" in German, originates from Steens Mountain and flows through the surrounding desert landscape. This river is not only visually stunning but also offers opportunities for fishing and wildlife observation.

Steens Mountain holds an intriguing history and is steeped in lore and legends. The name of the mountain is believed to have originated from the early German settlers who referred to it as "Steens Butte." According to local legends, the mountain is said to be haunted by the spirit of a Native American woman who was tragically lost in a severe winter storm. These stories add an air of mystery to the already captivating landscape.

In conclusion, Steens Mountain is a majestic peak in the Intermountain West mountain range. With its impressive size, high elevation, abundant snowpack, and contribution to local rivers, it offers a diverse range of outdoor activities. Its rich history and intriguing legends only add to the allure of this remarkable mountain.

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