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Located in the Rocky Mountains mountain range, Wheeler Peak is the highest summit in New Mexico, reaching an elevation of 13,167 feet (4,013 meters). It is part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range and is situated in the Wheeler Peak Wilderness within the Carson National Forest. Wheeler Peak boasts a prominent prominence of 3,409 feet (1,039 meters), making it a prominent landmark in the region.

During the winter season, Wheeler Peak experiences a significant amount of snowfall, with snowpack ranging from 50 to 150 inches (127 to 381 cm). This snowpack attracts mountaineers and winter sports enthusiasts from around the world. The mountain's snowpack also contributes to the runoff into nearby creeks and rivers, such as the Rio Hondo and the Rio Grande, providing water for surrounding areas.

The peak is named after George Montague Wheeler, a renowned explorer and surveyor who led several expeditions in the late 19th century. Wheeler Peak holds a rich history and is surrounded by fascinating legends and lore. One such legend tells the story of a hidden treasure buried somewhere on the mountain by Spanish conquistadors. Although many have searched for the treasure, it remains undiscovered. The allure of Wheeler Peak lies not only in its natural beauty and challenging terrain but also in the intriguing tales that have been woven into its history.

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