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Mountains and Summits

Rocky Mountains Southern Wyoming Ranges

Medicine Bow Peak

12,013 ft

Located in the Rocky Mountains mountain range, Medicine Bow Peak is a prominent summit with an elevation of approximately 12,013 feet (3,661 meters). This majestic peak is part of the Snowy Range in the Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Offering breathtaking panoramic views, the mountain boasts an impressive size, with a prominence of around 3,250 feet (990 meters).

During the winter season, the Snowy Range experiences heavy snowfall, making it a popular destination for snow sport enthusiasts. The snowpack range varies annually but typically accumulates several feet of snow, providing ample opportunities for backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. The high elevation and challenging terrain make it essential for visitors to be well-prepared and equipped with appropriate gear and knowledge of avalanche safety.

Medicine Bow Peak is also renowned for its numerous creeks and rivers that receive runoff from the mountain. These waterways, such as the Little Laramie River and the North Platte River, contribute to the overall beauty and ecological diversity of the area. They provide a habitat for various wildlife species and offer opportunities for fishing and other recreational activities.

Regarding the name's history, Medicine Bow Peak derives its name from Native American tribes who used to inhabit the region. The name originates from the ceremonial use of local juniper bows for medicinal purposes. Additionally, the area is rich in lore and legends, with tales of hidden treasure and mysterious disappearances adding to its allure. Exploring these captivating stories adds an additional layer of fascination to an already remarkable mountain adventure.

Outdoor Recreation

Campground Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Evans Creek 10 9,048 ft
Lake Owen 35 8,972 ft
North Sand Hills - Kremmling RMA None 8,622 ft
Bow River 13 8,596 ft
Ryan Park 49 8,438 ft
Silver Lake 17 10,464 ft
Bobbie Thomson 16 8,721 ft
Pike Pole 6 7,565 ft
South Brush Creek 20 8,355 ft
Libby Creek 65 8,626 ft
Sugarloaf 16 10,764 ft
East Allen Lake Public Access - WGF None 6,552 ft
Brooklyn Lake 19 10,577 ft
Miller Lake 7 9,052 ft
Deep Creek 12 10,069 ft
Nash Fork 27 10,164 ft
North Fork 60 9,212 ft
Pelton Creek 16 8,240 ft
Pickaroon 8 7,420 ft
Rob Roy 65 9,519 ft
Six Mile 9 7,890 ft
Holmes 13 9,598 ft
Lincoln Park 12 8,102 ft
Ski Area Snowpack Air Temperature 5 Day Forecast
River Run Streamflow Length Class

Regional Water Data

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Jack Creek Above Coyote Draw
USGS 06627800
133 cfs 4.7 ft
Encampment River At Mouth
USGS 06625000
75 cfs 2.2 ft
L Medicine Bow R At Boles Spring
USGS 06634620
8 cfs 0.9 ft
North Brush Creek Near Saratoga
USGS 06622700
11 cfs 2.2 ft
Sand Creek At Colorado-Wyoming State Line
USGS 06659580
3 cfs 0.5 ft
Encampment River Ab Hog Park Cr
USGS 06623800
59 cfs 1.3 ft
Medicine Bow R Ab Seminoe Reservoir
USGS 06635000
27 cfs 2.2 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change

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