Wasatch Range

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September 21 2023

Wasatch Range

The Wasatch Range is a prominent mountain range located in the western United States, stretching approximately 250 miles along the eastern edge of the Great Basin, from the Utah-Idaho border southward to central Utah. The range has a rich history, including being home to several Native American tribes and later being explored by Spanish explorers. Notable peaks in the range include Mount Timpanogos, Lone Peak, and Mount Nebo, with the highest peak being King's Peak at 13,528 feet. The Wasatch Range is also significant hydrologically, with streams and rivers such as the Provo River and Weber River flowing through the range and providing important water resources for nearby cities and agriculture. Interesting facts about the Wasatch Range include being home to several ski areas, including Park City and Alta, and hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Peak Elevation
Box Elder Peak 11101
Ben Lomond Peak 9972
Naomi Peak 9986
Sundial Peak 10320
Doubletop Mountain 9873
Pfeifferhorn 11326
Twin Peaks 5325
Superior Peak 11040
Mount Wolverine 10795
Mount Timpanogos 11749
Grandeur Peak 8299
East Grandaddy Mountain 11635
Mount Olympus 7965
Mount Nebo 3407
White Baldy 11321
Frary Peak 6596
Lone Peak 11253

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