Arizona Whitewater



Class IV-V River Run

The Lousy Canyon Tributary of the Whitewater River in Arizona is a popular destination for kayakers and rafters seeking Class IV-V rapids. The ideal streamflow range for this section of the river is between 400-1000 cfs, although it can be run at higher flows by experienced paddlers. The segment covers approximately 5 miles and includes several challenging rapids such as Meat Grinder and Pinball.

As with any whitewater run, there are specific hazards to be aware of. In addition to the rapids, there are several large boulders and undercut rocks that can create dangerous pinning situations. It is important to scout the rapids beforehand and maintain proper boating techniques to avoid any potential hazards.

Regulations for the Lousy Canyon Tributary include obtaining a permit to access the area, as it is located within the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Additionally, visitors must follow Leave No Trace principles and avoid disturbing any archaeological or historical sites in the area.

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Last Updated 2023-08-30
River Levels 1 cfs (2.45 ft)
Percent of Normal 1%
Reporting Streamgauge AGUA FRIA RIVER NEAR MAYER, AZ.
Elevation 3,455 ft.
River Agua-Fria-River
Watershed Agua Fria

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Agua Fria National Monument Dispersed Numerous 3,186 ft
Cave Creek Rec Area 38 1,935 ft