California Whitewater



The Whitewater River Run from Headwaters to Sportsman's Club is a popular rafting destination in California. The ideal streamflow range for this section of the river is between 800 and 2,000 cfs, with the best time to go rafting being in the spring when snowmelt is at its highest. The class rating for this section of the river is typically between III and IV, making it a challenging but manageable trip for experienced rafters.

The segment mileage for this run is approximately 7 miles, with several notable rapids and obstacles along the way. One of the most challenging rapids is called Pinball, which features a tight S-curve and several large rocks that can easily flip a raft if not navigated correctly. Other notable rapids include Roller Coaster, which features a steep drop followed by a series of large waves, and The Maze, which features a complex series of channels that can be difficult to navigate.

There are specific regulations to the area that visitors must follow, such as obtaining a permit to access the area and adhering to strict guidelines for camping and waste disposal. Visitors are also required to wear appropriate safety gear, including helmets and life jackets, and to follow the guidance of experienced guides when navigating the rapids.

Overall, the Whitewater River Run from Headwaters to Sportsman's Club offers a challenging and exciting rafting experience for experienced rafters. With its ideal streamflow range, class rating, and unique rapids and obstacles, this run is a must-visit for anyone looking for an adventure on the water in California. Get driving directions.
Last Updated 2023-11-29
River Levels 67 cfs (4.76 ft)
Percent of Normal 69%
Reporting Streamgauge BIG SUR R NR BIG SUR CA
Elevation 256 ft.
Watershed Salinas

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