California Whitewater



Class IV-V River Run

The Whitewater River Run from Headwaters to Hoover Wilderness Boundary in California is a 2.5-mile segment of the Whitewater River. This segment is rated Class IV-V and requires advanced whitewater paddling skills due to its steep gradient and challenging rapids. The ideal streamflow range for this segment is between 400-800 cubic feet per second (cfs) to provide enough water volume to navigate the rapids safely.

The segment begins in the Headwaters of the Whitewater River and ends at the Hoover Wilderness Boundary. Along the way, paddlers encounter several challenging rapids and obstacles, including the "Squeeze Play" and "Pinball," which require precise maneuvering to avoid hazards such as rocks, logs, and steep drops.

Access to this segment is limited and requires a permit from the Inyo National Forest. Additionally, paddlers are required to follow the "Leave No Trace" principles and pack out all garbage. This segment is not recommended for inexperienced paddlers or those unfamiliar with the area.

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Last Updated 2023-11-29
River Levels 385 cfs (3.67 ft)
Percent of Normal 111%
Reporting Streamgauge Robinson C at Twin Lks Outlet nr Bridgeport, CA
Elevation 7,082 ft.
Watershed East Walker

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Lundy Lake Park 50 7,632 ft
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Junction 13 9,542 ft
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