Cave Falls Run

A very scenic 14 mile run near Yellowstone National Park's southwest corner.  Keep an eye out for bears and bald eagles.  Also be alert for wood and tree hazards.

Suggested river levels for paddling this section of the Fall River are between a bare minimum of 500cfs and a high of 2,500cfs. River conditions sourced from USGS 13047500, the Falls River Nr Squirrel Id Remember only watercraft are permitted at Cave Falls Run.

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Whitewater Rapids

Obstacles on the river run
Sheep Falls
Class IV to V

Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Snake River Nr Moran Wy
USGS 13011000
2,920 cfs 5.8 ft
Lamar River Nr Tower Falls Ranger Station Ynp
USGS 06188000
141 cfs 1.2 ft
Gros Ventre River At Kelly Wy
USGS 13014500
186 cfs 3.7 ft
Henrys Fork Nr Ashton Id
USGS 13046000
717 cfs 3.1 ft
Snake River Bl Flat Creek Nr Jackson Wy
USGS 13018750
4,040 cfs 3.3 ft
Tantalus Creek At Norris Junction
USGS 06036940
2 cfs 1.3 ft
Yellowstone River At Yellowstone Lk Outlet Ynp
USGS 06186500
742 cfs 3.0 ft
Teton River Ab South Leigh Creek Nr Driggs Id
USGS 13052200
164 cfs 1.2 ft
Pacific Creek At Moran Wy
USGS 13011500
44 cfs 4.0 ft
Granite C Ab Granite C Supplemental
USGS 13016305
8 cfs 3.8 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change
Thumb Divide
1" 0"
Grassy Lake
1" 0"
Base Camp
2" 0"
Lewis Lake Divide
2" 0"