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Idaho Paddle Report

Whitewater Conditions

Location State Status Streamflow (cfs) Gage Height (ft)
Black Canyon Highway 34 To Grace Powerhouse
Idaho Too Low 413 9
Blackfoot Wolverine Canyon Run
Idaho Too Low 88 5
Bottom (Fowlersville To Lyons Falls)
Idaho Too Low 933 31
Boundary Creek To Cache Bar
Idaho Too Low 933 31
Boundary Creek To Cache Bar'a=0
Idaho Too Low 933 31
Box Canyon
Idaho Too Low 61 2
Bruneau Indian Hot Springs To Bruneau
Idaho Too Low 52 5
Idaho Too Low 89 2
Cave Falls Run
Idaho Too Low 216 1
Challis Bridge To Deer Gulch
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Coffee Pot
Idaho Too Low 61 2
Colston To The Town Of Salmon
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Corn Creek To Vinegar Creek Carey Creek Main Salmon
Idaho Too Low 933 31
Corn Creek To Vinegar Creekcarey Creek Main Salmon
Idaho Too Low 933 31
East Fork To Challis Bridge
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Fish Creek To Split Creek
Idaho Runnable 568 2
Hammer Creek To Heller Bar Lower Salmon
Idaho Too Low 331 3
Headwaters Gold Creek To Stanley
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Kelly S Whitewater Park
Idaho None 89 2
Murtaugh Canyon
Idaho Too Low 0 1
Pahsimeroi To Royal Gorge
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Palisade Dam To Lorenzo South Fork
Idaho Runnable 1770 5
Salmon River Canyon Split Falls To Road Access
Idaho None 61 6
Salmon To North Fork
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Secesh To Main The Canyon
Idaho None 173 2
Split Creek To Lowell
Idaho Runnable 568 2
Sunbeam Run Stanley To Sunbeam Dam
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Torreys To East Fork
Idaho Runnable 1040 2
Welches Run
Idaho None 458 2
White Pine Indian Grave Creek To Wilderness Gateway Bridge
Idaho Runnable 568 2
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