Moccasin Creek To West Glacier (John Stevens Canyon)

This is a great class III half day run through the John Stevens Canyon.  The best whitewater is during spring runoff although later on the rapids are still fun.  This is a very popular commercial stretch of river on the southern boundary of Glacier National Park.

Suggested river levels for paddling this section of the Flathead, Middle Fork are between a bare minimum of 900cfs and a high of 16,000cfs. River conditions sourced from USGS 12369000, the Flathead River Near Bigfork Mt Remember only watercraft are permitted at Moccasin Creek to West Glacier (John Stevens Canyon).

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Whitewater Rapids

Obstacles on the river run
Tunnel Rapid
Class III to III+
Bonecrusher Rapid
Class III to III+
Washboard Rapid
Class II to II+
Big Squeeze Rapid
Class III to III+
Jaws Rapid
Class III to IV
Pin Ball Rapid
Class III to IV
Repeater Rapid
Class II to II+
CBT Rapid
Class III to III+
Pumphouse Rapid
Class III

Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Swiftcurrent Creek At Many Glacier Mt
USGS 05014500
26 cfs 1.6 ft
S F Flathead River Nr Columbia Falls Mt
USGS 12362500
2,520 cfs 5.9 ft
Middle Fork Flathead River Nr West Glacier Mt
USGS 12358500
429 cfs 1.7 ft
Flathead River Near Polson Mt
USGS 12372000
4,530 cfs 4.1 ft
St. Mary River Near Babb Mt
USGS 05017500
65 cfs 1.8 ft
Swan River Near Bigfork Mt
USGS 12370000
390 cfs 2.3 ft
Swiftcurrent Cr Ab Swiftcurrent Lk At Many Glacier
USGS 05014300
10 cfs 0.9 ft
Flathead River At Columbia Falls Mt
USGS 12363000
3,670 cfs 3.7 ft
N F Flathead River Nr Columbia Falls Mt
USGS 12355500
737 cfs 1.9 ft
S F Flathead R Ab Twin C Nr Hungry Horse Mt
USGS 12359800
283 cfs 4.6 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change
Flattop Mtn.
2" 1"
big mountain summit: whitefish
0.79" 0"
Moss Peak
8" 3"
Noisy Basin
3" 0"

Outdoor Recreation

Campground Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Handkerchief Lake 9 3,968 ft
Emery Bay 26 3,608 ft
Fish Creek - Glacier National Park 180 3,225 ft
Lid Creek 30 3,581 ft
Lost Johnny Point 30 3,576 ft
Avalanche Creek - Glacier National Park 90 3,412 ft
Doris Creek 10 3,587 ft
Murray Bay 18 3,582 ft
Sprague Creek - Glacier National Park 25 3,169 ft
Graves Bay 14 3,606 ft
Lost Johnny 5 3,562 ft
Apgar - Glacier National Park 200 3,190 ft
Ski Area Snowpack Air Temperature 5 Day Forecast
River Run Streamflow Length Class
Glacier RIm to Blankenship Bridge and Confluence 2520.0cfs 5.0 Mi II
Essex to Moccasin Creek 283.0cfs 26.0 Mi II+
Big Creek to Glacier Rim 2520.0cfs 8.0 Mi III- to III
West Glacier to Blankenship Bridge 4310.0cfs 5.5 Mi II+ to III
Moccasin Creek to West Glacier (John Stevens Canyon) 4310.0cfs 9.0 Mi II+ to III+
Bear Creek to Essex 283.0cfs 4.71 Mi II to III+